Tuesday, August 25, 2009

God Created Straws First :)

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Just a Picture I took today, it's not very well focused but I thought someone might enjoy it anyway.
The Butterfly is on a Lantana flower. If anyone knows what butterfly it is, let me know.
I looked it up, the butterfly is a Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

History Repeating Itself ? ? ?

I talked to a lady yesterday who was from Germany; she has lived in America for a long time now. She was in Germany during the Second World War. It was amazing to actually hear from someone who was there, though she was young.
She remembers when she was 4 seeing Hitler coming down her street (I suppose in his car) and everyone going out and cheering and saying heil Hitler and throwing flowers. As a 4 year old she was naturally caught up in the excitement and called to her mother in the kitchen "he's coming Mama! he's coming!" But her mother knew better than the toddler, and to the surprise of her daughter, stayed right where she was stirring something in the kitchen. Her mother had been through the First World War.

She remembers her family hiding in the cellar many a night, from the Nazi's.

She talked of the brainwashing of the youth.

The young men going off to fight, having no choice.

She also told us about a minister that was taken away to a concentration camp and came back just skin and bones.

Another story was, when her family and her were taken away by train, they could take nothing with them. And her mother in her wisdom used some rope to tie the family together (11 kids), the train they were on got bombed while they were in it, and if they had not been tied together they may not have been able to find each other.

She lost two brothers and a sister to the war, I don't know how.

Now this Lady is not a Jew, it was not only the Jews that the Nazi rein hurt but their own people;anyone who disagrees with the new world order they wanted to set up.

We asked about the current politics here in America, what she thought. She mentioned being a christian not being just going to church. She talked of the blindness of people to truth. She talked of abortion being just the start, next comes the old people, then.........

There's a book that was recently shown to me, which I would suggest EVERYONE read. Though it may be hard to find, the library system had one copy but may have gotten rid of it. The title is: The Children's Story...but not just for children By James Clavell. Don't worry if you're not a reader, it can be read in less than 20min. it's not a 200-400 pg. book or anything:) .

A local tea party group had a picture of Miss Liberty (I think it was her) sleeping all donned out in red, white and blue and it said Wake Up America.
Well the other day I watched a movie from the war years of the 40's, a british film. It was set shortly before the war and went into the war as the show progressed. There was a Lady who was trying to warn people of what was going on. Now this is the part that hit me, on her yacht she had a sign that said... Wake Up Britain.

I see so much stuff today that reminds me of the WWII era, but I will keep the rest for my next post.

Signing Off For Now,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Flowers of Texas (well a few anyway)

The Wild Geranium - Geranium carolinianum

This flower is only about a 1/4 of inch across.

This one is the Pink Sensitive Briar - Schrankia uncinata.
Now this is a plant most of you probably had some fun with, the leaves of this plant when touched will close up tight (if you haven't seen this, you need to find one and try it out), It's really neat to see:) Oh, ya they also close at night and in cloudy weather, cool huh.

Another fun one of childhood days you will probably remember, is Cleavers - (Galium aparine)we called it sticky plant. I don't have a picture of it right now, But you know the one we all used to throw at each other that would stick to your clothes so very well:).
It has a lot of common names: Bedstraw (it was used to stuff mattresses long ago), Sticky Grass, Goose grass I'll just name two more, my favorites Gentleman's Tormentors and Ever-Lasting-Friendship (as in they stay on you forever:) . I think it's great such fancy names for a plant:).
Fact: Seeds of the Bedstraw can be dried and roasted to make a coffee substitute.
Although, I have tried it and it is not too good in my opinion, But if you were stranded and really had to have some semblance of coffee I suppose it would do. It is also a lot of work for very little fruit (or coffee as it is).

A wild Iris I think. No question on it being an Iris just which one.

The Carolina Mallow - Modiola Caroliniana

This flower is only about a 1/2 inch (or a little less) across

The Passion Flower (also known as a Maypop) - Passiflora incarnata.

The Passion flower plant is a vine, it's season is May-August and has edible fruit, and you can make jelly from it (I haven't tried it yet).
Well I hope you enjoy these, ~Marci~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thoughts to Ponder from Festus Haggen

Festus one day was contemplating learning to read, but had one question. So he asked his good friend Doc Adams:

"Supposin' I was to go to work and learn how to... to read writin'. Well, how'd I know the feller that... who wrote the writin' was writin' the writin' right? See it could be that he wrote the writin' all wrong. Here I'd be just a readin' wrong writin', don't ya see? You probably been doing it your whole life, just a readin' wrong writin' And not even knowin' it."

~Festus Haggen~ Festus and His Mule Ruth

The 2nd Beginning of the Crazy Ramblings of My Mind

Welcome to my Blog!! Well I'm back, hopefully I'll stay a little longer this time. To those of you already doing this (blogging that is), I am impressed:) I find it all very hard.

I don't know what I'm going to be doing with this blog exactly, in part I will be showing some of my photography (seems like everybody's a amateur (me) photographer these days:). The header is one of my good old Texas wildflower shots.

I'm not very good at writing, so be forewarned. Well I hope I will be able to share something worthwhile.

Oh yes, I'm going to add a picture of Brain to this, to show those who missed him last time around, He's a real cutie (no he's not my cat).