Friday, December 31, 2010

Deputy John Norsworthy..

..He is a Sheep Dog who was injured while on duty and is in the hospital. He and his family need our prayers. But I do think that they may know the Lord as their Saviour. His sister mentions this song in a resent post on the blog about Deputy Norsworthy (Link: you can read about it here), so I looked it up and thought I'd share it (Of course I chose an oldies version :).

You'll just have to ignore the talking, I couldn't find this version without :)

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  1. I cannot believe what happened. It didn't seem real until Jamie called. We were so, so sad, but I am glad to understand that he may have been a believer. It just doesn't get any easier. His poor, poor, family.
    By the way, Mar - I likie your pink background! =)